Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy a Pagette toilet seat?

    We strictly follow the three-step distribution channel. As an enduser you can therefore only buy via a plumber at sanitary wholesalers. We are pleased to help you searching for a wholesaler within your area.

  • Which advantages does a Pagette toilet seat offer?

    The material: Pagette toilet seats are exclusively made of thermoset. This material has optimal characteristics: eudermic, scratch-resistant, non-fading and colour-stabilised, antistatic and dust resisting, glow resistant and easy to clean. All hinges are made of stainless steel (exception: plastic hinge).

    Functionality: Soft edges for easy cleaning, silent closure with innovative soft close hinge, removable hinge for a maximum of hygiene, easy cleaning flat buffers... You choose!

    Shape: Highest sitting comfort due to ergonomic shape. Universal fitting for almost every model. Visually enhancement of standard ceramics due to modern and innovative design.

  • Which toilet seats fit on my pan?

    On our homepage we offer a product finder. Please, insert name/serie of manufacturer or just the form of your pan and you will get a proposal of suitable toilet seats. Just choose your favourite model. Of course, you can also contact us personally.

  • Which colours are available?

    The colour scheme can be found under “products”-“colours” or you use our product finder.

  • How do I clean my toilet seat?

    To avoid unaesthetic discolouration, please only use mild soap solutions or neutral cleaners without chlorine or other acid substances. Our models with "klick-o-matic" can be removed very quickly and offer optimal accessibility to both ceramic and toilet seat.

    To remove urolithic concretion, lift up seat and cover to avoid contact with ascending chlorinated steam.

  • What does a Pagette toilet seat cost?

    The Pagette product range offers solutions in different price segments.
    Please, request prices directly at your sanitary wholesaler.

  • My toilet seat changes colour – what can I do?

    All Pagette seats are made of  high quality thermoset which is a non-fading and colour-stabilised material. Discolouration can only be caused by using chlorine based cleaners and is irreversible. We ask for your understanding but this is not a reason for reclamation.

  • My toilet seat shows deficiencies – what can I do?

    Nobody’s perfect. Please contact your wholesaler where you bought your seat.
    If your reclamation is justified due to faulty material or a production fault you get for sure a replacement as soon as possible.

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