Toilet seat

V.I.P. NEW toilet seat with integrated Slowdown hinge, eccentric and removable high quality "click-o-matic" technology is a especially and attractive model in the mid-range price segment. The extremly flat bottom side and the integrated "easy-clean" buffers make cleaning simple.
  • Easy to clean
  • Slowdown
  • Klick-o-matik

Article 7.9498


  • Model: integrated eccentric hinge, removable
    Article 7.9498-1902
  • Model: integrated slow down hinge, eccentric , removable
    Article 7.9498-2002
  • Model: integrated top fix hinge , removable
    Article 7.9498-1802
  • Model: integrated slow down hinge, top fix , removable
    Article 7.9498-2102

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