Pagette Exklusiv toilet seat

XXX = Custom-build for this ceramic
XX = Fits well
X = Fits with optical limitation
XXXS = Custom-build for this ceramic, with top fix hinge
XXS = Fits well with top fix hinge
XS = Possible with top fix hinge
XXM = Fits well with stainless steel hinge
XM = Possible with stainless steel hinge
SL = Fits well with blind hole hinge
Albonova 50 (no.: 82199.0/8, type: Stand) XX
Albonova (no.: 82300.0/8, type: Stand) XX
Aqua (no.: 82141.0, type: Stand) XX
Baden (no.: 82164.0, type: Wand) XX
Cleanet (no.: 82278.1, type: Dusch) XX
Cleanet (no.: 82279.1, type: Dusch) XX
Cleanet de luxe (no.: 82278.0, type: Dusch) XX
Cleanet de luxe (no.: 82279.0, type: Dusch) XX
Duo (no.: 82276.0, type: Kombi) XX
Economy (no.: 82163, type: Wand) XX
Economy (no.: 82161 /62, type: Stand) XX
Form (no.: 82067.1, type: Wand) XS
Gallery (no.: 82016.0/ 82017.0, type: Wand) XS
Gallery (no.: 82117.9/ 82116.1, type: Stand Kombi) X
Gallery (no.: 82007.1, type: Wand Kombi) XS
Gallery (no.: 82417.1, type: Stand) XS
Melos (no.: 82140.8, type: Stand) XX
Moderna (no.: 82009.1, type: Wand) XX
Moderna (no.: 82546.5, type: Wand) XX
Moderna (no.: 82546.7, type: Wand 49cm) XX
Moderna (no.: 82346.1/ 82346.2, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Moderna (no.: 82446.0, type: Wand Kombi) XX
Objekt (no.: 82006.0, type: Wand) XX
Objekt (no.: 82106.9, type: Wand) XX
Objekt / Profil (no.: 821460/ 82306-8, type: Stand) XX
Pascha (no.: 82213.0, type: Stand) XX
Pascha (no.: 82307.0, type: Stand) XX
Pascha (no.: 82213.5, type: Stand) XX
Pola (no.: 82030.0, type: Stand) XX
Profil (no.: 82019.0/ .8, type: Wand) XX
Profil (no.: 82131.9, type: Kombi) XX
Profil (no.: 82276.0, type: Kombi) XX
Suprema (no.: 82110.0, type: Wand) XX
Suprema (no.: 82131.9, type: Kombi) XX
Suprema (no.: 82133.0, type: Kombi) XX
Suprema (no.: 82165.0, type: Wand) XX
Swing (no.: 82340.1, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Swing (no.: 82140.1, type: Wand Kombi) XX
Swing (no.: 82341.1, type: Stand) XX
Swing (no.: 82040.5, type: Wand) XX
Athene (no.: 35, type: Wand) XX
Athene (no.: 44, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Corfu (no.: 34/ 204, type: Wand) XX
Corfu (no.: 41/ 175, type: Kombi) XX
Dio (no.: 162/163, type: Kombi) XX
Dio (no.: 229, type: Wand) XX
Dio AO (no.: 96, type: Stand) XX
Dio PK (no.: 95, type: Stand) XX
Dio MO (no.: 94, type: Stand) XX
Eurobase (no.: 21/ 202, type: Wand) X
Eurobase (no.: 53/ 180-183, type: Kombi) XX
Eurobase (no.: 74/ 056, type: Stand) XX
Eurobase (no.: 76/ 043, type: Stand) XX
Eurobase (no.: 79/ 205, type: Wand) X
Eurobase (no.: 95/ 81-83, type: Stand) XX
Eurobase 48cm (no.: 48/ 218, type: Wand) XX
Europa (no.: 48/ 159, type: Kombi) XX
Firenze (no.: 7, type: Wand) X
Firenze (no.: AO116, type: Stand) X
Gilia (no.: 223, type: Wand) XX
Gilia (no.: 41/ 176, type: Kombi) XX
Milano (no.: 34/ 204, type: Wand) XX
Milano (no.: 41/ 175, type: Kombi) XX
Milano (no.: 49/ 150, type: Kombi) XX
Milano (no.: 48/ 159, type: Kombi erhöht) XX
Monaco (no.: 11, type: Wand) XX
Monaco (no.: AO121, type: Stand) XX
Lotus (no.: 203, type: Wand) X
Lotus (no.: 40/ 143, type: Kombi) X
Palma Bianca (no.: 41/ 175, type: Kombi) XX
Palma Bianca (no.: 26/ 226, type: Wand) XX
Sphinx 280 CL (no.: 1020, type: Stand Kombi) X
Sphinx 280 WCL (no.: 2013, type: Wand) X
Sphinx 300 (no.: S81002, type: Kombi) X
Sphinx 300 (no.: S82001, type: Wand) X
Sphinx 300 (no.: S82002, type: Wand) X
Sphinx 300 (no.: S80001, type: Stand) X
Sphinx 300 (no.: S8003, type: Stand) X
Sphinx340/ Linate (no.: 41/ 185, type: Kombi) XX
Sphinx340/ Linate (no.: 179, type: Kombi) XX
Sphinx340/ Linate (no.: 214, type: Wand) XX
34-N-Logo (no.: 34/ 204, type: Wand) X
11 (no.: 11/ 201, type: Wand) X
48 (no.: 48/ 218, type: Wand) XX
43 SV (no.: 43SV/ 029, type: Stand) X
68 AON/UPKN (no.: 68PK/ 038, type: Stand) XX
73 pk (no.: 73AO/PK/040, type: Stand) XX
83AO/PK (no.: 83AO/PK/031, type: Stand) XX
Epoca (no.: 6539/ 6274, type: Stand Kombi) X
Normus (no.: 6855, type: Wand) X
Normus (no.: 6858/ 59/60/88, type: Stand) X
Pera (no.: 6280, type: Wand) X
Pera (no.: 6286/6273, type: Kombi) XX
Pera (no.: 6552/6259, type: Stand) XX
Pera (no.: 6553/6254, type: Stand) XX
Pera classic (no.: 6540, type: Wand) X
Pera architecta (no.: 6060/61/40, type: Stand) XX
Pera architecta (no.: 6041, type: Stand) XX
Pera architecta (no.: 4074, type: Stand +10) XX
Pera architecta (no.: 6624, type: Stand +10) XX
Pera architecta (no.: 6441/42, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Riva (no.: 6637/38/39, type: Stand) X
Riva (no.: 6586/6207, type: Wand) X
S20 VitrAflush (no.: 5741, type: Wand) XXS
Ideal Standard
Corvette-Kombi (no.: K 3022, type: Kombi) XX
Eurovit (no.: V 390627, type: Wand) XX
Eurovit (no.: V 3122, type: Stand) XX
Escape (no.: J 2434, type: Wand) X
Escape (no.: J 2436, type: Stand) X
Inga (no.: K 3008, type: Wand) XX
Inga (no.: K 3009/10, type: Kombi) XX
Laguna (no.: K 3067/68, type: Wand) XX
Laguna-Kombi (no.: K 3369/70, type: Stand) XX
Monotrap (no.: K 3025, type: Stand) XX
Noblesse (no.: K 3016/17, type: Wand) X
Noblesse (no.: K 3018/19, type: Stand) X
Nobl. Slim Line (no.: K 3015, type: Wand) XX
Ronarc (no.: T 3415, type: Stand) XX
San Remo (no.: R 3401/03, type: Wand) XX
San Remo "slimline" (no.: R 3493- 48cm, type: Wand) XS
San Remo (no.: R 3421 / 22, type: Stand) XX
San Remo (no.: R 3423/41, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Washpoint (no.: R 3426XX, type: Wand) XS
Cassini (no.: 203210, type: Wand) XXS
Cotta (no.: 207400/500, type: Wand) X
Cotta (no.: 200400, type: Stand Kombi) X
Eurotrend Care (no.: 204700/800, type: Wand) XXS
Eurotrend Care (no.: 213000, type: Stand) XXS
Felino (no.: 204900/100, type: Wand) XX
Felino (no.: 214000/100, type: Kombi) XX
Felino (no.: 214200/300, type: Stand) XX
Freiburg (no.: 203000, type: Wand) XX
iCon (no.: 204000, type: Wand) XXS
iCon Rimfree (no.: 204060, type: Wand) XXS
iCon xs (no.: 204030, type: Wand) XXS
iCon xs Rimfree (no.: 204070, type: Wand) XXS
Koala (no.: 201400/11, type: Kombi) XX
Koala (no.: 204000, type: Wand) XX
Mannheim (no.: 212700, type: Stand) XX
Mannheim (no.: 212711, type: Stand) XX
Plus 4 (no.: 202010, type: Wand) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 211000/011, type: Stand) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 201000/011, type: Stand) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 203800/11, type: Kombi) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 204400/500, type: Wand) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 211010, type: Stand 54 cm) X
Renova Nr.1 (no.: 206200, type: Wand 54 cm) X
Renova Nr.1 Compr. (no.: 204560, type: Wand 52 cm) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) (no.: 203040, type: Wand) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) (no.: 203140, type: Wand) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) (no.: 203010, type: Stand) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) (no.: 213010, type: Stand) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) (no.: 213011, type: Stand) X
Renova Nr.1 (Neu) Rimfree (no.: 203050, type: Wand) X
Romantik (no.: 203802/814, type: Kombi) XX
Romantik (no.: 204500, type: Wand) XX
Virto (no.: 204300/200, type: Wand) X
Virto (no.: 213600, type: Kombi) X
Virto (no.: 213400, type: Stand) X
Vivano/Cotta (no.: 207400/500, type: Wand) SL
Vivano/Cotta (no.: 200400, type: Stand Kombi) SL
Xeno (no.: 206250, type: Wand) X
4U (no.: 203450, type: Wand) XXS
4U Rimfree (no.: 203460, type: Wand) XXS
Delta Fondo (type: Stand) X
(type: Wand) X
Delta Amera (no.: 710000) X
Delta Diava XXM
Allia Paris (no.: 401100, type: Stand) XX
Allia Paris (no.: 404500, type: Wand) XX
Blitz (no.: 100.01, type: Stand) XX
Blitz-Uni (no.: 114.09, type: Stand) XX
Cascade (no.: 164./09, type: Stand) XX
Cascade (no.: 206.09, type: Wand) XX
Colomba (no.: 2547.09, type: Wand) XX
Colomba (no.: 2242.09, type: Kombi) XX
Colomba (no.: 2244.01, type: Kombi) XX
Darling (no.: 21309, type: Wand) XX
Darling (no.: 20709, type: Wand) XX
Darling (no.: 232.01/09, type: Kombi) XX
Dune (no.: 25109/16909, type: Wand) X
Dune (no.: 315009/ 324809, type: Stand) X
Duraplus Combi (no.: 223.09, type: Kombi) XX
Duraplus Combi-Vario (no.: 224.09, type: Kombi) XX
Duraplus (no.: 19209, type: Wand) XX
Hornberg (no.: 192.09, type: Wand) XX
Katja (no.: 324709, type: Stand) XX
Katja (no.: 18409, type: Wand) XX
Laconda (no.: 187.09, type: Wand) X
Laconda (no.: 188.09, type: Wand) X
Laconda (no.: 244.01/09, type: Kombi) X
Pascha (no.: 104.01, type: Stand) XX
Pascha (no.: 144.01, type: Stand) XX
Pract.-Cascade (no.: 195.09, type: Wand) XX
Schwarzwald (no.: 196.09, type: Wand) XX
Sudan** (no.: 212.01/09, type: Stand +10) XX
Torrente-Uni (no.: 144.09, type: Stand) XX
Villeroy & Boch
Amica (no.: 6690, type: Kombi) XXM
Ariane (no.: 7673, type: Kombi) XXS
Basic (no.: 7620, type: Wand) XX
Basic (no.: 7625, type: Kombi) XX
Basic (no.: 7629, type: Kombi) XX
Basic (no.: 7637, type: Stand) XX
Basic (no.: 7638, type: Kombi) XX
Basic (no.: 7640, type: Kombi) XX
Belinda (no.: 7615, type: Wand) XX
Bernina (no.: 7642, type: Stand) XX
Colani (no.: 7657, type: Kombi) XXS
Colani (no.: 7658, type: Wand) XXS
Colani (no.: 7686, type: Wand) XXS
Grangracia (no.: 7656, type: Wand Kombi) XX
Grangracia (no.: 7668, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Grangracia (no.: 7681, type: Wand) XX
Grangracia (no.: 7687, type: Wand) XX
Helios (no.: 7624, type: Wand) XS
Helios (no.: 7634, type: Wand) XS
Helios (no.: 7648, type: Kombi) XS
Omnia classic (Nornina) (no.: 7682, type: Wand) XX
Omnia classic (no.: 7622, type: Wand) X
Omnia classic (no.: 6623, type: Wand Kombi) XX
Omnia classic (no.: 7617, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Omnia classic (no.: 7618/19, type: Stand) XX
Omnia comp. (no.: 7667, type: Wand) XX
Omnia Vita (no.: 6683/84-10, type: Stand) XX
Omnia Vita (no.: 6695, type: Wand) XX
Omnia pro (no.: 7615 10, type: Wand) XX
Omnia pro (no.: 7642 08, type: Stand) XX
Omnia pro (no.: 6659, type: Stand Kombi) XX
Saval (no.: 7G6510, type: Wand) XX
Sunny (no.: 6646/47, type: Wand) XX
Sunny (no.: 6648, type: Stand) XX
Taiga (no.: 7612, type: Stand) XX
Taimed (no.: 7628-10, type: Stand) XX

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